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News - March 2016

Among the other types of charcuterie and meat delicacies produced by “Maleventum Maron” Ltd., we will soon be offering on the market a new series of high quality meat products “Malevska Skara”.

In this group will be included meat products from specially selected shredded and not shredded pork and veal meat, made according to ancient Thracian recipes. The spices used in the production of “Malevska Skara” are natural, characteristic for the Thrace region herbs, deftly balanced and emphasizing the specifics of the Thracian cuisine.

With this new range of meat products “Maleventum Maron” Ltd. hopes to attract the attention of the connoisseurs of good food, the characteristic Bulgarian taste and the specifics of the Thracian meat delicacies.